Work by Sherrie Rabinowitz, 1984.

Work by Sherrie Rabinowitz, 1984.

Hi, I'm George. I’m an artist and designer.

Growing up in New York City instilled in me a lifelong love of the commons. It has led me to to focus on large scale, site specific public art installations, striving to create spaces of communal transcendence and joy. My work is conceptually driven with each project involving different media and cross-disciplinary teams.

My art practice is complemented and influenced by my work in experience design, and vice versa.

Photo by  Alex Ember

Photo by Alex Ember

I’m based in Berkeley, CA and can be reached at


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  • 2019 - Grace Light, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA

  • 2017 - Karl, Trust for Public Land, SF, CA

  • 2016 - Lightrail, Illuminate the Arts, SF, CA

2015 - Bench Go Round, Market Street Prototyping Festival, SF, CA

  • 2015 - Stepping Sounds, City of Palo Alto
, CA

  • 2014 - Urban Imagination, Exploratorium, SF, CA

  • 2014 - The Listening Tree, Downtown Project, Las Vegas, NV

  • 2013 - Pulse of the City, City of Boston, MA