Planet Labs - Artist in Residence


Planet Labs is an SF based aerospace startup that designs, builds, and operates a network of mini-satellites that deliver the most current images of Earth. For a period in 2014 I had the honor of serving as their full-time Artist in Residence.

Through a series of projects I explored how to playfully re-imagine elements of the aerospace industry while injecting imagination and creativity into their office.

Tetris Cubesats

A poster series of faux blueprints re-imagining the industry standard "cubesat" design - known for its packability - into tetris shapes. 

Stacked FINAL.jpg

Ways of Seeing

A photo series juxtaposing the human eye with the satellite's telescope lens. 

Explores the implications of humans being able to effortlessly see the world from above.

pupil 1 bright.jpg
pupil 2 bright.jpg
pupil 3 bright.jpg

Cosmic Imagination

Using my daily napkin sketch series to invite Planet Labs employees to imagine "What'd be fun involving outer space?"


Behind The Scenes