Pulse of the City

An interactive public art installation that turns pedestrians' heartbeats into music. 

Commissioned by the City of Boston and installed in five locations there in 2013.

Winner of the 2013 SXSW Interactive Award. 

Project Description

Pulse of the City is an interactive public art installation that turns pedestrians' heartbeats into music. It consists of a large red heart with a speaker and handles mounted on a pole in the sidewalk. When visitors hold onto the handles, they hear their heartbeat layered over with custom music produced from their real-time pulse data.

The idea was originally conceived and prototyped as part of San Francisco's Urban Prototyping Festival in 2012. The City of Boston commissioned five installations that were placed there in September 2013.

Amidst the chaotic rhythms of the city, it helps pedestrians playfully reconnect with the rhythm of their bodies. It combines art, design, and technology to promote the use and celebration of public space in an uplifting and imaginative way.

 “This is a truly unique project that connects Boston’s residents and visitors to art in a whole new way," said Tom Menino, Mayor of Boston



Artist - George Zisiadis 

Visual Designer & Fabricator - Rachel McConnell  

Hardware Engineer - Matt Ligon 

Sound Designer  - Rich Trapani 


Featuring music by: Rich DDTJPODMochipetNVOWilliam S BraintreeBiomigrantHenry Strange & 

Solillaquists of SoundIndigoGabriel Goldberg 

Maintained by: Zebbler Studios  



Behind the Scenes